What is Prepayment

Utilita’s Smart Energy prepayment tariff offers you the ability to pre-pay for the energy you use...

Our Smart Energy tariff is a prepayment service and is the cheapest tariff that Utilita offer. Prepayment works exactly the same as a pay-as-you-go mobile, enabling you to pay for exactly what you use with no estimated reads or nasty surprise bills. As the leading provider of prepayment energy in the UK, we don’t believe you should have to pay more to pay-as-you go which is why our Smart Energy tariff is extremely competitive compared to other prepayment suppliers.

...and includes free smart meters!

With the following features:

  • With all these features:
  • £10 ‘Emergency Credit’
  • ‘Friendly Credit’
  • Competitive Payment Prices
  • Easy & Convenient Remote Top-ups
  • Free & Easy to Use Smart Meters
  • Uk Based Call Centre
  • Security of a 12 month contract [i]

How does it work?

Once you have switched over to us, Utilita will install the latest smart metering system into your home free of charge which is made up of your: ‘Electric and/or Gas meter’, a communication ‘Hub’ and a ‘Freedom Unit’.


This system operates via a signal, just like a mobile phone meaning you can use the Freedom Unit to top-up your meters remotely and monitor your credit to see how much energy you are using. All you have to do is take your top-up cards which are supplied with your meters to any PayPoint outlet; alternatively you can use them online, over the phone, or via text message and your top-up will then be automatically transferred to your meter which you can easily view.

For more information about how Utilita’s prepayment smart meters work click here or call us on 03452 072 000.


[i]This is confirmation of the application details provided verbally by you and, together with our Terms and Conditions, forms a legally binding contract between you and Utilita Energy Limited.

Our aim is always to install your smart meters at the earliest possible opportunity however installation can take up to 8 weeks or more due to the transfer process of electricity and in particular gas and may be subject to obstructions that are out of our control; however we will keep you updated all the way so that you know exactly what is happening.

If you are unaware that you are switching to Utilita and/or wish to cancel this application, please inform us within 7 working days of receiving this letter.

This is NOT a fixed price contract. You have the right to move to another supplier provided you tell us within 14 days of receiving notice from Utilita of a price rise (see section 8.1.2 in Terms and Conditions)