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Utilita is home to some of Britain’s savviest households who have inspired this latest campaign. In partnership with Iceland, our cooking campaign gives households more ways to save.

How much
does it cost
to cook?

Look no further, our Sustainability Experts have done the hard work for you.

We used a frozen food staple – the fish finger – to put the table to the test.

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Cost to use
Appliance Day Week Month Year
Electric cooker £0.23 £1.62 £7.00 £84.04
Dual cooker £0.20 £1.38 £5.96 £71.57
Gas cooker £0.08 £0.55 £2.39 £28.71
Slow cooker £0.07 £0.52 £2.27 £27.24
Air fryer £0.07 £0.46 £2.00 £24.04
Microwave £0.04 £0.26 £1.14 £13.69

Save up to
£185 a year

It’s simple – just take a look at how you cook. Here are five simple ways to save up to £185 a year*.

**All energy usage data is based on Energy Saving Trust Infact Report (September 2019 / June 2021) and Utilita’s Review of the Energy Cost of Cooking (September 2022). All energy costs are based on the Government Energy Price Guarantee (July 2024). Savings may vary as many factors will be important in determining your actual savings.

Join the air fryer revolution

Save hundreds by switching to an air fryer for your daily cooking needs.

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Air fryer recipes

From September, hundreds of Iceland’s own-brand products will feature air fryer cooking instructions, costing you less to cook, as well as speeding things up, too! Follow recipes to impress the whole family, while keeping costs down.

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Save on your shopping

We will be revealing a range of exclusive competitions and discounts for Utilita customers, including ‘win a weekly shop’ and money off vouchers. Stay tuned!