Your energy is back
in your hands.

The all-new My Utilita app - control your energy anywhere, any time.

Keep up with what matters to you.

Your Home screen keeps you in the know about your important account details. Get balance and bill updates and quick links to app services including payments, POWER UP and more — all in one place. Plus, access exclusive rewards and offers from Utilita Extra!

Pay on the go.

Control your PAYG energy like never before. Pay As You Go customers can top-up their energy directly from the My Utilita app. If you pay for your energy when you receive a bill, you can make payments towards it in the app too.

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Your energy usage made simple.

Your Smart Score is a measurement of how energy efficient you are, based on how you use energy at home. Improve your score with tips and advice for each of your energy categories - allowing you to reduce your energy usage, save money and do your bit for the planet.

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Enjoy Extra just for being with us.

Browse through the Utilita Extra rewards and check out the amazing offers available as well as exclusive access to music tickets and experiences. Choose an offer you like and enter - simple!

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Get back on supply with POWER UP.

POWER UP is a feature in the My Utilita app allowing you to apply for a top-up when you’ve run out of credit and need to get back on supply!

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Manage top-ups with Savings.

Savings helps you to better manage your top-ups and save money for when your energy spend may be a bit higher. Plus, you’ll get the chance to win some amazing rewards.

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