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  • What is My Utilita?

    Your energy is now at your fingertips with the award-winning My Utilita app - giving you even more control over your energy usage and spend.

    - Check your energy balance anywhere at anytime
    - View your bills and make payments
    - Reduce your energy usage with Smart Score
    - POWER UP when you need to get back on supply
    - Put aside a little extra with Savings
    - Get exclusive rewards with Utilita Extra and much more

  • How do I set up an account?

    You can create your account just 7 days after signing up, either by downloading the My Utilita app (using the App Store or Google Play) or by visiting here.

    Please note, from the date you switch to us, it can take 2 – 3 days for your energy balances to appear on My Utilita, however in some cases it may take a little longer.

  • How many people can access My Utilita in my household?

    You can have multiple users registered to My Utilita with the same Customer Reference Number – so your whole family could stay up to date with your balance on-the-go if you’d like. However, to keep your account secure, the main account holder will receive an email notification when a new person registers to the account.

    Remember that anyone registered on your account can use all the features within My Utilita, including POWER UP and Savings.

  • How can I check or change my account details?

    On the Account tab in My Utilita you can check the details we hold for you, these include:

    • The date your supply switched over to us
    • Your supply number (sometimes called a MPAN or MPRN)
    • The address of the property we supply
    • The address your post is set to go to
    • Your Customer Reference Number
    • Your Tariff prices

    You can also update your name, email address, password or change your marketing preferences by going to ‘My Account’ and selecting the edit option. Remember, if you update your email address, your login for My Utilita will also change!


  • How do I check my balance?

    Pay As You Go

    Your estimated meter balance/s can be found on the home screen of My Utilita – your gas balance is displayed in the blue box and your electricity balance is displayed in the yellow box.

    When your meter is in positive credit, you’ll see an estimate of how many days we believe you have left before you need to top-up or accept your emergency credit. If you have any other charges on your account, such as an outstanding balance from a POWER UP, this will also show here.

    It’s important to note that the balance on My Utilita is an estimate and is calculated using a daily reading from your meter (Each day we take a midnight snapshot of your meter balance), as well as your top-up history and half hourly usage data (if we have your consent to collect this data, it helps us to provide a more accurate estimate).

    If you receive energy bills

    Your latest bill can be viewed on the home screen of My Utilita – you’ll be able to see the amount of energy you’ve used, the dates you have been billed for and the total of your energy charges for that duration.

  • How do I top-up with My Utilita?

    You can top-up either of your fuels or both at once! Simply select the Payments icon at the bottom of your My Utilita screen, and then choose the amount you want to top-up for each or enter any amount from £2.

    Please note, it can take up to 3 days for your top-up card/s to link with your My Utilita account if you’ve recently switched to us, so you may need to top up at your local PayPoint or Payzone outlet from £5, or over our automated top-up line on 0345 2068 333 in the meantime.

  • Where can I find my top-up cards in My Utilita?

    My Utilita has you covered if you ever misplace your top-up card – simply click on the energy supply you need to top-up and find your eCard (You can use an electronic top-up card just like your ordinary top-up card, the Paypoint or Payzone outlet will just need to scan the barcode in your app).


  • What is POWER UP?

    POWER UP is a feature in the My Utilita app allowing you to apply for a top-up when you’ve run out of credit and need to keep your home up and running.

  • How does POWER UP work?

    Apply for a POWER UP from the Home or Payments screen when you’re running low on credit. Get up to £60 gas and £40 electric credit if you need to – just choose a payback rate that works for you. Find out more here.

  • Why can’t I POWER UP?

    Sometimes there will be certain circumstances where you’ll be unable to POWER UP, typically these tend to be:

    • You still have credit available on your meter
    • You have more than £50 debt on a meter
    • You requested a POWER UP for your other meter over 10 hours ago
    • You have requested an account credit from our Extra Care team over the phone
    • You don’t have a smart meter
    • We’re not able to communicate with your smart meter

    If you’re unable to POWER UP, but are still having difficulty topping-up, please speak to our team via the live chat in the bottom right corner of our website or call us on 0345 207 2000

Recovery Rate

  • What is Recovery Rate?

    Recovery Rate is a handy feature to help you manage any debts you may have on your meter. Each time you top-up, you can select a percentage of the amount to go towards clearing any outstanding meter debts you may have.

  • How do I start?

    Download the My Utilita app to get started. From there, head to the Payments page and select Debt & Recovery Rate. Click the pencil icon next to the meter you’d like to change and use the slider tool to select your Recovery Rate amount.

  • Why is there debt on my meter?

    Using support credit features, like POWER UP, can accrue some meter debt. Replacement top-up cards can also amount to some charges. If you need help understanding your costs, use our Live Chat tool in the bottom right corner.

  • Why hasn’t my recovery rate changed?

    It can sometimes take up to 30 minutes for the Recovery Rate changes to be made. If there’s been no update after that time, please get in touch on 03303 337 442

Smart Score

  • What does a Smart Score mean?

    Your smart score is a measurement of how energy efficient you are, based on how you use energy at home. Improve your score with tips and advice for energy categories. Find out more here.

  • How is my Smart Score calculated?

    Your Smart Score is calculated every day and changes depending on how you use energy. Your score is then visualised into a star rating from 1 to 5. You receive an overall Smart Score for your energy efficiency, split by electricity and gas.

  • How can my Smart Score help me save?

    Smart Score will help you identify your daily usage, showcasing what appliances are using the most power. You can then adjust your usage or know what appliances to use less – making small changes at home will help you start saving money and do your bit for the planet.


  • What is Savings?

    Savings helps you better manage your energy by putting a little cash aside when you top-up. Helping you save a little extra credit for when the colder months hit.

  • How do I save with My Utilita?

    Simply find Payments in My Utilita. From here, you can set aside as little as £2 when you next top up. You’ll also be able to track your savings progress and transfer any funds for when you need them most.

  • How do I use my savings?

    When you withdraw Saving funds, you’re in full control of how much you transfer to your balance. Or manage your weekly budget at home and use your Savings to top-up your meter as and when you like.

Auto Pay

  • What is auto pay?

    Auto Pay allows you to set-up an automatic top-up amount when your meter balance reaches £2. Your automatic top-up is paid with your bank card, so you’ll never spend more than the agreed available funds in your bank account.

  • How do I set up auto pay?

    Visit the Payments page from the bottom navigation and select ‘Auto Pay’. Choose your electricity or gas (you’ll need to set up these separately if you have both) and then select an amount that will be credited to your meter when your balance reaches £2.

    Finally, select the payment card that you’d like to use to pay for your Auto Pay and you’re done! If you need to change your Auto Pay in the future, simply visit the same Auto Pay page.

Transfer Credit

  • How do I transfer credit between meters?

    Simply head to the Payments section of the My Utilita app and select Transfer Credit (or Transfer Credit from your Savings page). From here, you can select your meter and the amount you’d like to transfer to your Savings. Please leave up to 30 minutes for the transfer to complete.

    Once this is complete, use any credit from your Savings to top-up the meter of your choice by choosing ‘Withdraw Savings’ from your Savings page.

  • Why is my transfer credit unavailable?

    Your selected meter balance will need to be above £7 as you’ll need at least £5 remaining on your meter – this leaves a minimum transfer amount of £2. Alternatively, if you haven’t submitted an up-to-date meter reading, you may not be able to use this feature.

Carbon Footprint

  • What is the Carbon Footprint feature?

    With our new Carbon Footprint feature, you can track how much CO2 you’re producing. By staying up-to-date with your daily, monthly and yearly carbon emissions – based on the amount of energy you’ve used. Plus, you can see how your usage compares to the equivalent number of miles driven in a car.

  • How do I find this feature?

    Our newly updated My Utilita app has the new Carbon Footprint feature located via the Usage tab, update your app now to see our new feature.


  • What is Utilita Extra?

    Get access to exclusive competitions to gigs and events, gifts, gift cards and more. Along with a monthly jackpot where you can win up to £5,000 cash and £50 in energy credit. All for just being our customers!

    Simply select the ‘Utilita Extra’ tab in My Utilita and see what’s on offer, every week new prizes and competitions are added so be sure to keep checking. If you are a winner, you’ll receive an email from

  • What is Utilita Jackpot?

    Win BIG with monthly Jackpot draws – customers are automatically entered to be in the chance of winning £5,000 or £50 free energy. Plus, you can now Track your wins, countdown to the next draw and check out what bonus tickets you have left to complete in My Utilita. Find out how you can earn more chances to win with Bonus Tickets here.

  • Win big with Savings

    When you save, you’ll get the chance to win energy credit prizes up to £200 in the Savings Prize Draw. Just check your Savings to see if you’re a winner. Plus, we’ll send you an app notification to let you know!

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