The UK's leading prepayment Gas & Electricity supplier

Utilita provides the newest technology in smart metering with the best prepayment home energy supply available today. It aims to offer a simple, user friendly and competitively priced service to families and energy conscious households through the use of our modern smart meters.




Each member of our fast growing customer base has the ability to view their energy usage at the push of a button via a modern smart metering system.

No longer tied to plugging in a key or card, your top-ups are sent to your meters remotely, whether you pay at a PayPoint outlet, online, over the phone, on your mobile or via text message; and for peace of mind, every meter is equipped with £10 ‘Emergency’ and ‘Friendly Credit’, to keep you going through evenings, weekends and bank holidays.




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"It's great, you can top up anywhere in the country and it goes straight onto your meters. I've told people where I work - it's a great thing, I love it." - Mr Brown 10th April 2013

"Just had a lovely lady sort my issues out at @UtilitaEnergy feel awful 4 snappin at poor girl now lol but at least we got gas now.” - Miss Barrett, 20th March 2013

"The engineer fitted the meters and explained everything really well. He had to do a bit of extra work for me and he did a really good job. He was a nice guy.” - Mrs Minor, 26th March 2013

"You are the cheapest one and I am telling everybody about you, you are brilliant.” - Mrs Bleeks, 22nd March 2013

"I love it. When I put money on my card every Monday it comes through to my mobile. I had 50 odd years with another supplier and I’ve never had such service as I have with you.” - Mrs Thatcher, 18th May 2013

"Customer service is excellent. Whenever I've had a problem they have sorted us out right away.” - Mr Brown, 10th April 2013

"If you have a card meter for either gas or electric I recommend looking at @UtilitaEnergy. Online top up and price is cheap.” - Mr Lynch, 18th March 2013

"The best thing is that every time we have salesmen knocking at the door trying to get us to change energy companies, when I say I'm with Utilita they just say “Oh we can't beat them.” I'm telling everybody to come to you.” - Mrs Pasquill, 11th April 2013

"Everything is dead easy, all in plain English, just follow the instructions and you cannot go wrong...I am so happy with you.” - Mrs Walker, 11th April 2013

"Absolutely fantastic, best thing ever, I've got a little girl and sometimes she's poorly and I can't get out, the top ups on line are wonderful.” - Miss Oliver, 25th April 2013

"I've been well happy with Utilita since I've been with you - I've definitely made a saving.” - Miss Warden, 1st March 2013

"On pay-as-you-go, you know what you are paying for and where you are. I’ve been a lot happier not getting big bills anymore. I would recommend anyone to join, especially pensioners ” - Miss White, 18th May 2013

"I am happy with how fast @UtilitaEnergy have sorted my problems, less than 24hours without having to make a single phone call #ServiceTech ” - Mr Dinzy, 12th August 2013

"We seem to be moving lots of homeless families into properties so that they are not in B&B over Christmas. An example yesterday of a major household name supplier – 45 minutes on hold then sent to 2 different shops to get a new key / card to then get the card to the property to get fuel on. Total time 2 hours, We need to do this for our customers because they are vulnerable... Utilita – so simple... a 5 minute wait to get through to a real person and a 5 minute phone call then 5 minutes top up on line to get £10 on the electricity and £15 on the gas to set up the new tenants. And because you can give us “key” codes over the phone the new tenants cannot have to wait for the Christmas post... FANTASTIC ” - Dominic Amans, 'Homes4Let' Team Leader, 18th December 2013