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Utilita provides every customer with free market leading smart meters, with the best prepayment home energy supply available today. A simple, user-friendly and competitively priced service for families and energy conscious households, helping people save energy and money.

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Over Collection of Quantum Meter Gas - Utilita minimise the fall-out

It has recently been found that an estimated 1.5 million Quantum gas meters have been affected by an over collection fault. This fault means that all affected meters have been over collecting by approximately 2% on average per month.

Does this fault affect any of Utilita’s prepayment gas meters?

This fault has affected some of Utilita’s prepayment gas meters however the extent of this fault is limited to Utilita’s Quantum gas meters and does not affect their most recent SMETs 1 compliant products or their first generation smart meters which have been rolled out to over 115,000 customers. This means that only a minimal number of Utilita’s customers will have been affected.
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