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Will the smart meter rollout help vulnerable consumers?

  • Tuesday 30 September 2014
  • Category: News

Source: Citizens Advice

Smart meters should mean an end to inaccurate bills. So far, so twentieth century. And they only deliver around 5 per cent of planned reductions in fossil fuel use under current household energy policy. So why are they such a key part of Citizens Advice’s current work in the energy sector?

The rollout of smart meters is an opportunity to engage every household in the energy challenge, and help us take control of bills in a market that currently underserves us.

This is not to say Citizens Advice takes the risks of such a large-scale programme lightly. We continue to track the concerns raised by consumers through our helpline, and make the case for stronger protections across the piece. All of which can, and must, be addressed with consumer-focused policies.

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