Big Family - Small Budget

Mum, Dad, 5 Children, 5 Cats, 3 Hamsters, 3 Guinea Pigs, 1 Rabbit and 1 Dog.

Written by: Laura Brown, Utilita Energy Ltd

The Moore family have lived on the same street for 20 years now, first at number 16 and now 5 doors up at 21. When we arrived Mrs Moore was stood outside at her gate, in front of her house chatting to a neighbour and the postman. We were welcomed by Mrs Moore, Mr Moore and by their dog, Deef, a happy spaniel with a dodgy leg but plenty of spirit. Mr Moore introduced us to all the family pets, cats snoozing on sofas, window sills and on rugs, rabbits in hutches and runs in the garden and hamster house for the smaller furry members of the Moore Family. Counting in total 13 pets as well as 5 children (in bedrooms).


Price Reduction Notification

Utilita Energy Utilita's 1st December price increase will remain as per the letter sent to our customers - Utilita must wait for Government green levies and the Big Six price activity to settle over the next month and in the New Year we will have a better idea about how we can implement the savings, passing them on to you the customer.


1st December 2013 Price Rise

Utilita understands the costs of running a household can be demanding and we do everything we can to ensure that you always get our best deal. Although Utilita have been forced to set another price increase, we strive to be the cheapest prepayment dual fuel tariff available in your region.

Average increases across Utilita's regions - Elec 8.4%, Gas 9.5% - Overall 8.92%


For information, facts and figures about why Utilita have to put their prices up click here


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