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Smart Score.

Your Smart Score is a measurement of how energy efficient you are, based on how you use energy at home. Improve your score with tips and advice for each of your energy categories - allowing you to reduce your energy usage, save money and do your bit for the planet.

Your energy usage made simple.

Your Smart Score is calculated every day and changes depending on how you use energy. Your score is then visualised into a star rating from 1 to 5. You receive an overall Smart Score for your energy efficiency, split by electricity and gas.

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Your Smart Scores.

To understand your Smart Score, you’ll also receive a star rating for four different categories:

  • Warming Up

    We’re measuring the difference between the energy you used to warm up your home and the energy you used to keep it warm

    Did you know that warming up is the most expensive part of heating your home? So… to try and measure your heating’s efficiency, we’ve used the power of your smart meter to understand the difference between the energy you use to warm up your home and the energy you use to keep it warm. We can then use this to check how your heating is being used and how well insulated your home is.

    To put it simply, the less energy your home needs to keep warm - the better!

  • Overnight

    We’re checking for gas heating being used between 00:00 and 7:00

    While we all want to sleep in a warm bed and wake up to a warm home, leaving your heating on overnight is expensive.

    Thankfully, thermostats & most boilers let you control when your heating is on, so you can set it to turn off after you’ve gone to sleep and back on just before you wake up. We’ve measured the amount of heating you use during this ‘down time’, so you can keep an eye on what your boiler is up to while you’re asleep.

    So, unless you’re a night owl using energy overnight, we’re not expecting to see much usage during this time.

  • Value

    We’re counting the number of hours your heating is on per day

    We think that ‘Value’ is more than just which day you’ve used the most energy. There may be a day where you use more heating than another, simply because you were at home for longer.

    The cost of heating our homes can change day-to-day. Small changes to the temperature, weather and cloud cover can drastically change how hard your boiler needs to work to keep your home warm.

    So, instead, we’ve used your smart meter to compare the amount of energy you used on heating with the number of hours your heating was on for. Now you can check day by day how much value for money you got from your heating.

  • Duration

    We’re comparing the number of kWh’s (the number on the side) you used on heating with the number of hours your heating was on for

    It’s commonly believed that leaving your heating on is cheaper than turning it off and on again.

    While warming up your boiler is the most expensive part of heating a home, you actually save significantly more energy by only using your heating when you’re at home to appreciate it.

    So, we’d like to apologise to all the partners out there who turn the heating on when they’ve got the place to themselves, as we’ve used your clever little smart meter to see how long and when your heating is being used during the day. Sorry!

Advice tailored to your home.

Your scores will be updated every day so you can track how they’re changing.

They’ll also include personalised energy efficiency tips - allowing you to make small changes at home to start saving money and do your bit for the planet.

Track your daily usage.

Find out how we’ve calculated your scores by viewing personalised usage graphs for your energy usage throughout the week.

How it works.

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Step 1

You’ll need a smart meter in your home.

Step 2

Complete the My Property form on the My Utilita app

Step 3

Your Smart Score will be calculated and updated every day

Step 4

Learn where you can make savings to reduce your energy bill