Stay on supply
with Power Up.

POWER UP is a feature in the My Utilita app allowing you to apply for a top-up when you’ve run out of credit and need to get back on supply!

Step 1


Apply for a POWER UP from the Home or Payments screen when you’re running low on credit and worried about going off supply. Get up to £30 gas and £20 electric credit if you need to – with no extra charges.

Step 2

Tell us when you can next top-up.

Select the next date you can top-up within the next 14 days and we’ll calculate how much you may need to borrow to remain on supply.

Step 3

Choose your POWER UP.

We’ll recommend a POWER UP amount but you can change it if you need to. You can POWER UP up to £30 with no extra charges!

Step 4

Choose a Recovery Rate.

You select the recovery percentage rate in which you pay the amount you’ve borrowed back over your next top-ups - it’s that simple!

Am I eligible?

You’ll have to meet the following criteria to be eligible for a POWER UP.

  • You have -£4.00 credit
  • Your meter communicates correctly
  • No debt on your account
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What our customers are saying.

Has help with my anxiety just knowing Power Up is there should I need it.

Charlene N


Has been a lifeline while I’ve been on a reduced income due to being furloughed.

Debbie G


It’s great that I can set the Recovery Rate to suit my circumstances.

Debbie S