Quick & easy ways to top-up

No more bills, just easy-to-manage top-ups, automatically credited to your smart meters

In order to top-up your gas and/or electricity, all you need are your unique top-up card numbers. When your smart meters are installed, you will be issued with unique top-up cards (depending on your supply type); one for your gas and one for your electricity. Each top-up card will have a 19 digit top-up number along the front or back, which is unique to your meter. These numbers can be used to top-up your supplies in a number of different ways, enabling you to pay for your energy whenever and wherever you choose.



How much can I top-up?

The amount that you can top-up varies by payment method:

  Minimum top-up
per meter
Maximum top-up
per meter
Any PayPoint outlet £2 £45
Online & Mobile App £10 £175
Automated Top-up Line: 03452 068 333 £5 £50
Text Message £10 £175